Shopping in Bukoba

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Market (Soko Kuu)

The Bukoba market is fairly large and in the centre of town. There are sections for fruits, vegetables, matoke, grains, spices, beef, fish, chickens, clothing, sewing machines, shoe shines, and assorted items in hundreds of stalls both in and around the covered market area. Most food items are sold by the kilogram. Prices for some goods are marked, but most prices are negotiable and you should feel free to bargain. (You may get a lower price or discount if you ask in Kiswahili, smile, visit the same vendor frequently, buy large quantities, etc.)


Fido Dido Supermarket

Near the market. Many packaged and some refrigerated western goods, including bread and many types of biscuits and soft drinks. Customers themselves select items from shelves like in most Western supermarkets. Prices are expensive as most items are imported from Uganda and Kenya. Open daily until 8:30 pm weekdays, 7 pm weekends; closed during lunch (1 to 2:30).

Cosmopolitan Provision Store (“Mama Cosmo”)

Between the Rose Café and the NBC bank. Many western goods, including two types of cheese and many types of beer by the case and wine. Items and prices similar to Fido Dido but slightly cheaper; however, it is not open as late and you must ask for each item.


The Blue Shop is across Jamhuri Road from the market on a side street, another is between Fido Dido and the Net Pharmacy, and a third (with self-service) is on Kashozi Road near the Cyber Centre. There are many other small shops near the market with items similar to the above but with a smaller selection.

Office Supplies

Benny Bazaar

Many office supplies and services including photocopies (50/= each), stationery, electronics and computer supplies such as diskettes and ink cartridges.

Kagera General Traders

Many office supplies and services including photocopies, stationery, art supplies and diskettes. On the main street across from the market.

Photocopy House

On Mosque Street near Precision Air. Many office supplies and services. Friendly owner.

Migini Secretarial Services

One office is across from the market, and another is near the Lake Hotel. Many basic office supplies and services.


Film and Photo Processing

Next to Benny Bazaar are Kagera Photo Studio and Shelui. On the same road next to Danico is Ponny Express.

Passport Photos

On Mosque Street near Precision Air.

Music Cassettes

Perhaps the best selection is in a shop on Mosque Street near Precision Air. Music from Kagera, Tanzania, East, Central and Southern Africa, reggae, R&B, etc. Cassettes are 1000/= each.

Gulam Jaffer

Between the Cyber Centre and Benny Bazaar. Variety of housewares and electrical goods.

Linas Shopping Centre

On the corner of Jamhuri Road and Biashara Street between the market and the Cyber Centre. Mountain bicycles, office chairs, stereos, electronics and other expensive

Western goods.

V. J. Mistry & Co. Ltd.

Between the market and NBC Club.

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A Y Sadiki

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For general requirements. Material, cycle spares and knick knacks. On corner of Jamhuri and Kashai Rds. Opposite the market.

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Archies Gift Shop

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Located just opposite the Main Market, It has wide variety of gifts for all ages starting from imported to local gifts which include curios handmade baskets and show pieces.You Can also browse and send emails from here.

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address:P.O.Box 240 Bukoba


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Wanatengeneza fanicha nzuri-Furnitures with high quality in Bukoba

Hakuna sehemu yenye fanicha nzuri kama SHAM INDUSTRIES

Iko KCU garage nyingine show room iko Kanoni-hamugembe

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Located just four shops away from Fidodido Archies serves all types of gifts and novelties including curios, arts and crafts, postcards, greeting cards, toys soeveniors and many more.

type:Speciality shops
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accessibility:8.30 am to 6.30p.m.
address:opposite main market

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