Getting Around in Bukoba

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Minibus (daladala)

Daladalas run at least daily between smaller towns (e.g. Muleba 2000/=, Nshamba 2000/=, Rubya 2500/=, Karagwe 3000/=). They leave when full, which can often involve a very long wait, and are very crowded.


Taxis can be found at the market, near the bus stand and at the port. Journeys are at least 1000/= and the same price regardless of the number of passengers.


Bicycle taxis can be found around the market. They are technically illegal (and therefore uncomfortable since the rack above the rear wheel may not be padded for passengers) and somehow unsafe but widely used for short journeys, which are as cheap as 100/=. Women normally ride side-saddle, which appears modest but particularly unsafe.

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