Things to Do in Arusha

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In the Tanzanian town of Arusha, visitors will never find a shortage of Arusha Things to Do. The town on the whole is very beautiful and well maintained, and has Mount Kilimanjaro as its backdrop. Here is a list of things to see and do when visiting the African town of Arusha.

Arusha National Park

Visit this national park in Arusha for a good dose of nature in all its bounty. Here you will get to see a wide variety of wildlife such as zebra, buffalo, giraffe, monkeys, and flamingos in their natural surroundings. There are also very interesting plants and trees in the Arusha National Park. While this national park is not very big compared with other prominent parks in Africa, it is definitely a must-visit when in Arusha.


Shopping in Arusha is a special experience. Browse through items for your friends and family back home at one of the many local crafts stores that sell great souvenirs like musical instruments and beads, all of which are produced in Arusha itself. And, if you want to shop for trendy clothes and interesting household ware, then the Namanga Shopping Center and the Njiro Shopping Center will be your best bet.

Tarangire National Park

If spotting lions and tigers is your cup of tea, then go on a wild safari at the famous Tarangire National Park, a little ways from Arusha. You will get to see elephants, pythons, and all African animals, birds and reptiles on this exciting open jeep safari. A visit to the Tarangire National Park is a must when visiting Arusha, because nowhere else in the world can be so close to nature at its best!

Arusha Cultural Heritage Center

Visit this place to learn more about Arusha's tribes, of which there are over one hundred. Here you will get to see the beautiful crafts, artifacts, carvings, gemstones, clothing, and books related to these very tribes. It will prove to be a very knowledgeable and interesting experience.

Oreteti Cultural Discovery

Oreteti offers visitors to Arusha a chance to partake in activities such as drumming, dancing, bead-making workshops, Tanzanian cookery, and dances by the Maasai tribes. Learn more about this by visiting the Oreteti Cultural Discovery hub online or in Arusha itself. You won't regret coming face to face with the real side of Arusha!

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Volunteer in schools & villages

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If you’re looking for a real African experience and a chance to enjoy Tanzania whilst giving back at the same time, we recommend volunteering with The Green Living Planet. Established in 2011, The Green Living Planet is a Tanzanian registered non-profit organisation that works with local schools, communities and villages in and around Arusha. We conduct various environmental activities such as tree planting, building vegetable gardens, access to clean water projects and school renovations. We work side by side with local and international volunteers, teachers, students and more..

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