Sights in Arusha

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Arusha sights are not only pleasing to eyes, but also soothing to the heart. Many of you may not be aware of the exotic destination called Arusha. It is a city sited in the northernmost part of Tanzania, and is nestled amidst some of the most popular tourist destinations of the African continent. It is located right below the Mount Meru, and boasts a pleasant climate round year round. This city is ideal for a weekend getaway or a short trip. Some of the most frequented tourist spots of this city include:

Arusha National Park:

This Park covers the whole of Mount Meru, which is a prominent volcano. It is also known to be one of the most distinct wildlife sanctuaries in all of Africa. The park is quite small in size, but the spectacular landscape makes it a pleasant experience. The park is divided into three diverse areas, and is home to the most fascinating variety of habitats. The entrance leads to a shadowy forest which is inhabited by colorful turacos, blue monkeys and trogons. The magnificent Ngurdoto Crater stands amidst the deep woods, and the rocky cliffs are enclosed by a marshy land that is grazed by herds of cattle. If you wander further north, you will be welcomed by the serene beauty of the Momela Lake. Each of the spots in this National Park displays a symphony of green and blue hues. Though you may not be able to spot an elephant or a lion in this park, spotted hyenas and leopards are found in abundance.

Arusha Cultural Heritage Centre:

This is a place that preserves the rich history of Tanzania and the lives of more than 120 tribes in the form of gemstones, carvings, clothing, artifacts, and books. The Centre is believed to have hosted some of the world’s most renowned statesmen.

Lake Manyara:

This is a shallow freshwater lake that will drive sea-admirers crazy. It was rightly remarked by Ernest Hemingway that it is one of the loveliest lakes of Africa. It is home to some of the most diverse wildlife and landscape. The name Manyara is derived from the term "emanyara," a euphorbia plant species. This lake offers a spectacular trail for the ornithologists, who can enjoy a splendid view of more than 300 migratory birds, including long-crested eagle, flamingo, and also the grey-headed kingfisher. The entrance gate of this lake doubles as its exit. The Lake Manyara National Park is sited adjacent to this spectacular water body. Both the convenient location as well as its intrinsic beauty makes this spot a huge favorite among the tourists.


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