Nightlife and Entertainment in Arusha

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Party enthusiasts will surely have an exciting time enjoying the Arusha nightlife, which is home to a lot of night clubs and bars. Night entertainment in Arusha, Tanzania is often fun-packed, colorful and lively.

The city of Arusha is famous for being surrounded by the most remarkable African landscapes and natural parks. It is the capital city of the Arusha region in Tanzania. Aside from the nature parks, the vast greeneries, and other tourist attractions, Arusha is also well-known for the party havens that are perfect for night time clubbers and socialites. Be sure to check out these places with your friends, and be entertained by the hip music and the mesmerizing lights.

Via Via Cultural Cafe

Nestled along Boma Road in Arusha, Tanzania, the Via Via Cultural Cafe offers the public a variety of themes when it comes to music. This club also features live bands that entertain the customers with cool music of different genres from reggae to rhythm and blues. This cafe and bar also has a great selection of food and drinks. It is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Colobus Club

The Colobus club is a usual night time destination of well-off youngsters and VIPs. Though the prices in this club are relatively more expensive compared to others, you will surely experience exactly what you are paying for. Indulge in the luxurious interior, fancy drinks and endless mixes of techno and house music. The bar implements a strict dress code policy, so you should really make the effort of dressing to socialize with fellow night clubbers.

The Polygon Triangle

This is perfect for those who love partying in a more casual setting. Door charges as well as the prices of food and drinks are very affordable. They have a spacious dance floor for guests who want to step it up with the beats of party music. The party goers here are usually dressed very casually with simple shirts and jeans. You can also enjoy a wide selection of Indian and Tanzanian dishes.

Maasai Camp

Just 45 minutes away from the city’s central district, the Maasai Camp is easily accessible to those who want to spend their nights outside while enjoying the company of other people. The target customers of the bars in Maasai Camp are young professionals and students that are of age. Here, you can enjoy good food and music while being minutes away from lodging establishments.

Check out these places with your friends and expect a fun and exciting Arusha nightlife that you won’t forget!

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Velocity - The Nightclub

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This is one of the hottest clubs in Arusha. You can get a good deal on the drinks at the cocktail bar. They also host the best DJs from Tanzania and from around Tanzania. So, the music was awesome and the cocktails were great! They also had a sheesha lounge with the best flavors. The sports lounge was also great! There was a huge screen during all the World Cup matches and they had happy hours! It's always a great night at Velocity!

type:Clubs and dancing
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address:Top Floor, Njiro Complex

john hendry

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What? No nightlife!

type:Clubs and dancing
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tel:0441244 556 6745
address:45 the road

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