Getting Around in Arusha

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Getting around in the Arusha area in Tanzania requires you to learn about Arusha transportation and ways to enjoy the city and the areas around the city that you can see on vacation. You can choose from one of the most popular ways to travel in the city and take mini-busses or you can also find car hire services and taxis that will help you reach all of the places that you want to see. You can also go on a safari and enjoy walking through the different areas outside of the city.


The main mode of Arusha transportation is taking the daladala or the mini-buses. These buses make their way through the town on main routes. They are very affordable but they can also be very crowded and you should also be careful to keep your belongings close to you and keep them safe while you are on the mini buses.

Car Hire

You can find a car for hire to use when you are in Arusha, but most of the companies prefer to provide their own drivers. If you do want to find a service that allows you to drive yourself, you can find companies that will allow it. You can find that it can be affordable to use a car hire service even if you have a driver take you where you are going, and they will generally allow you so much time to get around where you want to go and take you back to the hotel.


Taxis are one of the best ways to get around the city because there are a lot of them, and they are affordable. Getting around in Arusha with taxis allows you to get most anywhere on the routes and roads in the city. You do want to make sure that you agree on a price before you leave to where you are traveling.


There are a number of places that you can see by traveling on foot. You can also enjoy the safaris that are available in the area and find a company that will help you get fitted with all of the right equipment and shoes that you need to get around through the terrain. You can also walk to your hotel and other places for shopping and restaurants in the town.

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