Festivals in Arusha

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The city of Arusha is located in Tanzania, and it's one of the most modern cities in the country. Arusha Festivals celebrate the local culture and landmarks surrounding the area.

Trinity Hip Hop Festival

Africa, and especially Tanzania, is one of the biggest growing areas for hip hop music. The Trinity Hip Hop Festival in October is one of the biggest hip hop festivals in Africa. In Tanzania, Bongo Flava is a type of hip hop song by the local youths. It is a mixture of Swahili and English. Every year people from all over Africa and the Hip Hop world come to attend it. The festival started in 1999 as a way for young people to express themselves and has grown ever since. People coming to the festival can sit back and enjoy the music or take in a workshop to expand their knowledge of hip hop music.

Nane Nane Agricultural Show

The Nane Nane Agricultural Show is an important festival to the Arusha region. Held every year on August 8th, the show consists of farmers from all over the world coming together. During the festival they discuss techniques and business. In addition to farmers, grocery vendors from all over the world come to the fair. A number of farmers make a good share of their business during this fair as they work out contracts with vendors. As part of the entertainment, there are a number of plays during the fair. The plays cover a number of subjects from public health concerns like HIV and traditional Tanzanian folk tales. There are a number of games arranged for children and adults who attend the air. The organizers of the Nane Nane show work to integrate business and leisure activities in one central location.

ISM International Festival

The ISM International Festival is held at the ISM school each year. The ISM is a boarding school that offers an international baccalaureate program for students. It opened in 1969 for both students of the local community and children of expatriates. Held every year in March, this festival has international cuisine, dancing and other activities. The attendees are encouraged to sign up for a country. During the life of the festival, the visitor will be exposed to things specific for this country. This includes food, traditions and workshops. All profits made during the festival are donated to students on scholarship to the school.

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