Day Trips in Arusha

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There are several different places you can visit on day trips from Arusha Town. You can go on a safari, check out the local culture in a traditional village, go to a local market and purchase local wares, and many other things. Here a few ideas to take full advantage of:

Ng’iresi Village

Ng’iresi Village is in the foothills of Mount Meru and only 7 km from Arusha. Nkoaranga is only 40 minutes away and it is possible to explore the village and see coffee plantations. At Sura village you are 1650 meters above the sea and have a great view of the Arusha district. You may even see Mt. Kilimanjaro. Farmers will show you how they live and farm coffee and bananas. 


Try a camel safari at Mkurur 150 km away. You can take a half day safari that will give you a good idea of the wildlife in the area. 


Longido is a traditional village you can visit to understand the Maasai culture. It is Maasai culture to bring visitors a goat and then slaughter it. This will probably happen. The goat will be roasted and the blood is considered a delicacy. Women will do traditional dances for you. 

Tengeru Market

Tengeru Market is only 25 minutes away and here locals sell fruits, vegetables, and handcrafts. You have to bargain with the vendors here but you can get great things for low prices. The Market is near Lake Doluti, a lake created by a crater. It is possible to go canoeing here. The Market is only open Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Snake Park

Snake Park is just outside of Arusha Town and here you get a guided tour that shows you snakes, other reptiles and birds that are native to the area. You can rent a camel for a short ride in the park. There is also a Masaai museum where you can see where the culture has been and where it is going. 

Mount Kilimanjaro National Park

Mount Kilimanjaro National Park is near Arusha. You will see lush vegetation in the forest leading to a Mandara hut where lunch is served. There is a lot of walking through the forest but you will see wildlife, birds and plants you have never seen before. 

While you are at Arusha make sure to go out of your way a bit to see the sights outside of the city.

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