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There are not many Arusha cruises offered in this city. However, most cruises you will find either pass through Arusha, or are part of a safari tour. As Tanzania’s stopover destination between tours or safari trips, Arusha has been a favorite pit stop for travelers. Arusha is also the starting point for all safaris from Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara, Mount Kilimanjaro and Tarangire.

The town of Arusha is located at the bottom of Mount Meru, so some of the bodies of water are a little far from the main center. However, the city of Arusha boasts of many safari or national parks. While in Arusha, cruise travelers can visit the Arusha National Park, which is approximately 137 square meters. The national park is about an hour’s drive from the center of Arusha. It is also home to over 570 species of birds, making it a great destination for bird and nature lovers alike.
Aside from the forest surrounding the Arusha National Park, travelers can also climb Mount Meru. As the fifth highest mountain in Africa, this 15,000 foot mountain is not for the light-hearted. However, professional climbers and mountaineers frequently explore the mountain. It generally takes about 4 days to come down from the mountain, so it is advisable to be prepared.

Momella Lakes

An Arusha cruise is not the typical cruise, where sports activities and lying in the sun are on the itinerary. However, for those wanting to have some serene type of vacation, the Momella Lakes in Arusha National Park is ideal. Momella Lakes is a collection of lakes situated in the park, which features underground water channels. Travelers can canoe in Momella Lakes, particularly in Small Momella Lake. Canoeing at the lake provides travelers with beautiful, natural scenery, as well as some quiet time during the trip.
There are a handful of cruises that stopover in Arusha. You can always seek assistance from cruise companies or tour operators to provide you with an itinerary that will pass through Arusha. 

Zanzibar Island

Most cruises include a stopover at Zanzibar Island, where you can find some of the most amazing beaches in Africa. Since the island is right on the Indian Ocean, many cruises pass through the island to get to different ports or cities in Tanzania. The northern tip of the island is considered to be the best diving site. This diving site is often frequented by both local and tourist travelers alike.

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