Bars and Cafes in Arusha

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Arusha is a famous tourist destination, and it is no surprise that it has much to offer. Here are some Arusha Bars and Cafés.

Via Via

The Via Via is a bar found in the round of an old German fort. The bar itself is unimpressive, but due to its location, it is very popular among the tourists and therefore it's always crowded. This is like a mini-Europe, where everything from the drinks served to the music played is like a modern bar in London. Even the people are largely tourists, as locals prefer to frequent their local bars that serve drinks at a much lower price. German lager is served here, along with Tanzanian distilled alcohol.

Next to the bar is a café, called the Via Via Cultural Café, where Culture Center employees enjoy frequenting in the afternoons during lunchtime. This place may seem nothing special, but the safety of being in the expatriate area will be appreciated on weekends when the town gets crowded, luring pickpockets and sex workers to the local bars.

Africafe Coffee House

Also found along the Old Boma Road is the Africafe, a stylish, European-inspired café serving up some of the town's best pastries and cakes. Western sweets are uncommon in Tanzania, and Africafe in the expatriate district is one of the best that can be found. Breakfast is always a treat here, as an American-styled breakfast can be served up, along with wonderful orange scones and carrot cake. The coffee here is delicious and fragrant, picked from some of the coffee producing regions in Tanzania and often imported from Ghana. Sit around and enjoy a different side of Arusha in the Africafe, or take the opportunity to enjoy the (sometimes elusive) Wi-Fi system at the café.

Café Bamboo Restaurant

Those looking for something a little more authentic can look to the Café Bamboo Restaurant for some answers. This is more of a café than a restaurant, and serves up some finger food and snacks alongside main entrees. There is an overwhelming Indian influence in the cuisine of Tanzania, and this is reflected in the Café Bamboo's menu - samosas and kebabs are very popular snacks that are served here. The specialty is the African chicken, a dish of chicken rubbed in traditional spices and put into an oven to cook. Western cuisine can be found here too, but there is nothing special about it. The Indian food is good; be sure to taste the selection of curries on the menu.

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Cafe Barrista

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Here at Cafe Barrista we’re highly dovoted to providing you with a high standard of service for a reasonable price. Our restaurant is located right beside the world famous clock tower in Arusha. If you’re in the area then please come and stop by for either some light refreshments or a filling meal.

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nb:we have free wifi on meals and also internet cafe the place was called patisserie before

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address:po box 107

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