Getting Around in Mbabane

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If you're visiting Swaziland, you're likely to be making a stop in the capital city of Mbabane; transportation is difficult to come by in this city, and it is something that you should carefully consider when planning to visit this area. In addition to having a difficult time finding suitable transportation, many of the options that travelers take are not entirely safe.


While taxis are practically nonexistent in Swaziland, there are some cars. These are typically driven by locals, many of whom will be very willing to provide you with a ride if you're interested. As with any situation of this type, however, there are risks involved. Be careful who you ride with and ensure that you have a reasonable sense of where you're going before you get in the vehicle. It's advised to avoid this mode of transportation.


Bicycles are another common method of transportation in Mbabane. This is typically the best option for tourists, as it gives you both the opportunity to see unique parts of Mbabane and it is the cheapest, most readily available, and safest of all of the options at your disposal.


Some motorbikes are also available, but these are difficult to come by for tourists. Avoid riding on a random person's bike if you can help it, as drivers rarely have proper headgear and other protective equipment.

Ask a representative at your hotel for more advice on getting around Mbabane in particular, and Swaziland in general. Tour buses are the best way to get to neighboring cities.

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