Day Trips in Mbabane

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 The Mbabane town itself has nothing much to do, however its surrounding areas are great getaways to enjoy the celebrated wilderness of Swaziland’s grasslands. There are wildlife sanctuaries and big game parks along with regions that epitomize the continent’s tryst with an exotic and unpretentious culture. Here are some day trip options from Mbabane.

Milwane Wildlife Sanctuary

Milwane is paradoxically relaxed and action-packed. The expansive big game national park spreads over 100 km to offer thrilling game drives and vistas of Swaziland’s endangered wildlife. The park harbors a predominantly herbivorous population including zebras, giraffes, antelopes and a large number of warthogs. There are a few crocodiles, big cats and hippopotamus, as well. Visitors can view game on foot, by bicycle or on an exciting horseback ride. Visitors to the park will find self-guided hiking trails that wind through the dense Macobane Hills. For more daring visitors, the climb atop the Nyonyane Mountain, which takes approximately 3 hours to the northern end of the reserve, is rugged adventure at its best. There are mountain-bike trails and rudimentary hikes to the more desolate parts of the region. Visitors seeking a more unruffled experience can lounge around the idyllic hippo pool near the main rest camp and watch the huge creatures being fed.


Located 20 km to the south of Mbabane, Lobamba presents the monarchical legacy of the land with panache along with lush fields that have cattle grazing peacefully in its tranquil greenery. There are cultural artifacts and exquisite pieces of Swaziland’s craftsmanship along with ancient portraits of the region’s historical accounts in the area and a museum displays replicas of traditional Swazi thatched homes and a range of entertainment and art events that accentuate the strong cultural essence of the country. There is also a memorial park dedicated to King Sobhuza II for visitors seeking a serene setting amidst abundant ecology. The Somhlolo Stadium has a fantastic line-up of football matches and other live events for unadulterated sporting action. Participate in the Sunday afternoon traditional game sessions with locals for a firsthand experience of Swaziland’s skills and intellectual genius.

Malolotja Nature Reserve

Malalotja Nature Reserve is located in the center of the Swaziland Highlands and is set in the lush surroundings of the region’s untouched mountain wilderness. Located approximately 160 kilometers from Mbabane, this pleasant destination is a haven for hikers and nature lovers.

Mbabane, with its dense grasslands and pristine highlands that amplify the raw and untamed natural beauty of Swaziland, presents an array of day trip options.  
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