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accommodation in Mbabane

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While visiting Mbabane, you might find booking hotels rather difficult. Due to the limited accommodation options, you won't find budget-friendly accommodations. However, Mbabane does offer some wonderful hotels, guaranteeing you a pleasant visit.

Foresters Arms Hotel

The colorful rooms at the Foresters Arms Hotel are decorated with flair. Spend the night in mountains of Swaziland. The entrance to this Mbabane hotel is guarded and it looks like a western style motel from the outside. The accomplished chef here is excellent. The location is wonderfully remote and rural. Large lovely rooms have open fireplaces and old style bathrooms. This lovely and relaxing Mbabane hotel serves excellent breakfast.

Reillys Rock Hilltop Lodge

A little slice of heaven, guests return here often. More relaxing than the biggest resorts the home cooked meals here are exceptional. Friendly staff serves you a good breakfast. This clean and well run lodge has picturesque views. There is plenty of game to see here, including lions. If you would like to go swimming there is a camp ground with a pool an hour away on foot. This Mbabane hotel hosts many international guests.

Lugogo Sun Resort Hotel

This sunny and stunning Mbabane hotel shares resort facilities with two other hotels. Lugogo Sun Resort Hotel is the lowest in price of the three. The golf course sits amongst the three hotels. Some rooms are better than others so check your room to see if it is to your liking before you agree to it. The rooms overlook the car park or the swimming pool. The pool side rooms are great if you have children.

Mountain Inn

At a price of over $100 USD you can stay at the Mountain Inn. Set at a high altitude it is decisively cooler here than in town and has great views. The on site restaurant hat a great view too and serves dinner buffet style or a la carte. The menu includes local dishes and wines.

Eden Guest House

Clean and stylish the Eden Guest House is only ten minutes from town. The gardens are so lush and green here you can’t help but relax. Each room is individually decorated and has comfortable beds. There is a TV but the selection of channels is limited. Hot water and clean linens daily are special touches. You can eat at the Eden Guest House or try dining across the street.




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