When to Go in Port Sudan

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In Port Sudan, when to go is a tough question and really depends on what you are going there to do and how much heat you can bear. Most activities that have made Port Sudan so popular – scuba diving, beachcombing and the like - can be enjoyed all year round. Generally, when to go is determined by the climate for the particular activities that you want to do.

Summer and Winter

Port Sudan has a maritime or Mediterranean climate. Its summers (from about June to August) are hot and dry with maximum temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius regularly. Its winters (late December to early March) are cool and damp, with average temperatures for this period dropping to around 25 degrees Celsius.  The “dampness” in winter months tends to be meager though, with Port Sudan’s annual rainfall barely worth noting.

When to Go Comfortably

The peak season for Port Sudan is generally December through till March. These are the winter months when it is cooler. One can comb the beaches, walk the city’s marketplaces, or enjoy boat trips out into the channel in comfortable weather. Naturally, the most popular time to visit Port Sudan is slightly more expensive, so you’ll have to take that into account when planning on when to go.

When to Go Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is the main tourist attraction, and when to go and enjoy Port Sudan’s famously clear waters depends on what you are looking for. The summer months are best if you are looking for flat, warm waters to enjoy. If you are eager to see rare Hammerhead Sharks on the other hand, you should wait for November through March, when the water is slightly cooler, attracting these impressive beasts.

When to Go to Mawlid An-Nabi

This celebration commemorates the birth of the Prophet Mohammed and is one of the most important events in Muslim tradition falling on different dates, which means that to be there, you will need to check the date of the event before you go to Port Sudan. Unfortunately, only men may take part in the central celebrations, held in the Sahat-al-Mawlid (the central square or enclosure), but the occasion is an interesting and exciting cultural event to witness.

Ultimately, when to go depends on your reasons for going and how you would like to enjoy your time there. Weather conditions are the main concern, although beating the rush, enjoying cultural activities or witnessing some rare and remarkable marine life could play a part too.

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