Top 5 Must Do's in Port Sudan

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Port Sudan, a city of great economic importance to Sudan, is located right next to the sea. Here are some of Port Sudan Must Do’s.

1. Take a walk on the beach

Being right next to the sea, the beaches and the waters of Port Sudan are absolutely an integral part of the tourist experience. Much of the activities here center around the seaside – and for a good reason, too. The relaxed atmosphere of Port Sudan (compared to the chaos in Khartoum) is very much illustrated at the seaside. The sand is exceptionally white and fine, so kick off your shoes and sandals and take a walk barefoot in the sand. The summers are extremely hot here, so take care to put on some sun protection.

2. Go Diving

Scuba diving is also popular tourist activity, and the sheer unspoiled beauty of the waters and reefs of Port Sudan means that avid divers often come here to dive. Around the seaside area, hotels and resorts can be found where guides and equipment are easily available for rent. The coral reefs are the main attraction here, as is the diverse marine wildlife. Scuba diving presents a great opportunity to see the glory of Port Sudan’s underwater world.

3. Shop at a local market

The market is the best place in Port Sudan to experience the colorful daily life of the Sudanese people. Traditionally a rather sleepy village, Port Sudan offers nothing much on the surface, but can be very interesting when it comes to the market place. Here, fresh produce and handicrafts can be purchased, so take the opportunity to taste the local fruit and pick up some souvenirs to take home. Street foods like plantain and homemade fish stew are popular among locals, although tourists should take care to check hygiene and cleanliness standards.

4. Meet the locals

As with many of the African cities and towns, the locals are always the star here. Most do not speak English and are illiterate, but a simple smile is enough to convey your friendliness, and they will respond in kind. The hospitality of the locals is evident from the moment anyone steps into the town: from the coach or ferry, a small wave to the locals standing around will elicit friendly waves back and bright white smiles. The children are always adorable, and eager to meet and greet new strangers.

5. Sail on a cruise

As mentioned, water activities are popular, and for those who enjoy a leisurely afternoon, a cruise is always a good idea. Sail down the port area and understand why Port Sudan is of such strategic importance to the Sudanese people. It is always good to engage a guide, but with most speaking only Arabic, this can get quite tricky. The best bet would be to go to the town center and look for proper cruise agencies, rather than simply engaging someone at the jetty itself, as this can be dangerous.

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