Sights in Port Sudan

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Port Sudan sights are an amazing treat to the eyes of any travel addict. Being a popular tourist destination, this place has attracted tourists for ages. Be it the day trips or night life, Port Sudan never ceases to amaze with its delightful offerings. Some of the places that you visit in Port Sudan include:


This is the modern capital city of Sudan and is splendidly situated at the meeting point of the River Blue Nile and the River White Nile. This place is abuzz with some of the most spectacular tourist spots including the Arab Souk, the Omdurman Camel Market and the National Museum. The National Museum stores several curios that illustrate the ancient heritage of Sudan. The Khartoum Botanic Garden is another place of interest for nature-lovers. You can make a visit to enjoy the botanic wonders here. In the Omdurman Camel Market, you will get to see camels from Western Sudan being offered for sale on barter exchange.


A drive 50 kilometers away from Sudan rests the amazing site of Sdeinga. The main attraction at this site is the temple of Sdeinga, which was constructed by Amenophis III. He devoted this temple to his beloved wife Teje and the mother of Akhenetan. A Meroitic cemetery was later excavated from this site.

Island of Sai

The island of Sai is 40 kilometers from Sdeinga. You may also take a boat ride from Sdeinga to Sai. Here you will be able to witness the settlement ruins from the Pharaonic, the Christian and the Nubian times. It is also believed that Sai is an important trade center in the Pharaonic times.


This tourist attraction is frequented by millions of tourists every year. The ruins of the temple Amun-Ra built by the monarch Amenophis III forms the prime point of attraction. The temple of Soleb is known to be quite similar in appearance to the temples of the Egyptian New Kingdom. Some historians claim that they were profoundly influenced by the Nubian architecture. The pillars were suggestive of the Luxor temple.

Old Dongola

This is a place that deserves a special mention in the list of your must-visits. It is the ancient Christian capital of the vast Nubian Kingdom Makuria and also that of a major Islamic city. It is believed that this place retained its Christian charm and tradition till 15 th or may be 16 th century. The fortress of Dongola is a remarkable architectural marvel. Its overwhelming size and structure still makes you feel that it’s towering over the ruins of what may be witnessed as an ancient cathedral. The desert of Bayuda is at a close proximity from this place. The most spectacular sight that one may catch here is that of the Bisharin Bedouin watering their camels from the wells.

Jebel Barkal

It is a site that once formed the capital city of the kingdom of Napata. This place still retains its glorious history in the form of six temples, pyramid symmetries and several magnificent palaces. The largest of the temple called Amun is another architectural marvel that illustrates the rich history of Sudan.

To sum up, Port Sudan sights have a lot to offer in terms of knowledge, history, culture, amusement and entertainment.

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