Shopping in Port Sudan

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Your vacation in Sudan will not be complete without visiting Port Sudan shopping sites. Learn about the greatest shopping ideas and the places that you should go to for amazing bargains and products.

Port Sudan, the capital city of Sudan, is a diver’s paradise. It overlooks the vast Red Sea that offers unique diving sites for tourists. There are amenities that will let you swim with the gentle sharks, and observe the natural beauty of huge fan corals. After a long day at the beach, help yourself to an exciting shopping experience.

Here are the tips on how to get great offers and save money while enjoying the shopping opportunities in Port Sudan.

Befriend and Bargain

There are a lot of small craft and souvenir shops along the beaches of Port Sudan. Most of these shops specialize in handicrafts, souvenirs, and ideal gift items. There are also several stores selling equipment for hobbies like swimming, diving, and snorkeling.

These shops are run by friendly locals that are more than happy to show you what products they have. Get along with these guys and chances are, you will be presented with great offers and discounts. Do not get intimidated by sophisticated displays because most of the time, even the prices in bigger establishments are negotiable.

Check the Competition

Since the main attraction in Port Sudan is its pristine beach resorts and diving sites, Port Sudan shopping hubs often market similar products. Having said that, you should check more than one shop before buying what you want. Prices are competitive so be sure to compare the prices and items available in various stores. This way, you will get to see more goods and you’ll surely save money.

After learning about ways on how to save money with shopping strategies, here are some specific places that you should visit for your vacation needs.

The African Look

Located just beyond Green Square in Port Sudan this small, yet appealing shop, provides you with a wide selection of local products. Tie-dyed shirts, woven baskets and bags, and crochet works sell like hotcakes in The African Look. They also have great gift items like wood carvings, beads, and a collection of accessories for both women and men.

Fish Market

Port Sudan’s fish market offers a wide variety of fish that is perfect for gastronomes. Also, by visiting the fish market, you will have an idea about what to expect if ever you want to go for a dive in the Red Sea. Prices are reasonable and negotiable for fresh, often live, seafood.

With these Port Sudan shopping tips and destinations, looking for the perfect souvenirs and gift items won’t be a problem.

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