Nightlife and Entertainment in Port Sudan

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Sudan is full of many interesting tourist spots, but many people have the misconception about Port Sudan nightlife. Being a Muslim city, many people assume that night life doesn’t really exist in Port Sudan. But contrary to the popular belief, there are a wide range of theatres and cinema halls all over Sudan. Bars, cafes and Jazz clubs are available, although they are not legal.

A Republic of Sudan's main port city, Port Sudan is famous for its great beaches, unexplored sea life, diving points, and offshore petroleum companies. Due to the presence of separatist insurgents, travel restriction is still enforced in many parts of Sudan. However, of late, the tourism industry has developed to a great extent, and today Port Sudan, Omdurman and Khartoum, the capital of Sudan are some of the must-visit places for tourists visiting this country.

Port Sudan nightlife encompasses various entertaining activities, some of which are described as follows.


As per the Sharia Law, alcohol is strictly prohibited in Port Sudan, and that’s the reason you won’t find any legal bars or nightclubs in the country. However, many tourist organizers arrange southern style parties for the foreigners where they can enjoy liquor along with Congolese music and local dance. Although such parties are illegal, there is not much chance of police raid in this region. Hence tourists can enjoy such low-key parties freely.

Musical Concerts and Folklore

Concerts and folklore are considered as the primary entertainment of nightlife in Port Sudan. Many hotels have open-air theatres where tourists can get entertained by latest movies. Musical concerts are also frequently organized for entertaining the tourists. Indian movies are a favorite among the locals and you can find many old and popular Hindi movies running in different cinemas throughout the city.

Tea Clubs

Tea drinking clubs are also part of Port of Sudan’s nightlife, where you can enjoy a sip with the locals.

Red Sea Cafe

Located in the Hilton Port Sudan hotel, this bistro style café-cum-restaurant is a popular tourist hub. You can enjoy your favorite drink on the terrace overlooking the lush green garden and the Red Sea. Cuisines made of fresh seafood are another specialty of this restaurant.

Apart from its nightlife, Port Sudan’s Red Sea, great beaches, elegant hotels with all its opulence also attracts tourists to this mystic desert land.

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