Getting Around in Port Sudan

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Port Sudan is the city on the Red Sea with the biggest port in Sudan. Port Sudan transportation is completely developed and new highways are being built all the time. This major port accepts ships from all around the globe, and 90% of goods coming to Sudan come through here. Port Sudan also has a small airport just next to the city where passenger and cargo airplanes can land. The locals usually use camels to go from one place to another.

Buses, Cars and Taxis

Buses driving around Sudan are quite modern and spacious, with toilets and air conditioning. From Port Sudan there are two major highways. One of them is leading to the Kassala and the other one is splits at the place called Taqatu Hayya which leads to Khartoum. The bus company is Afras, and there are buses all day long in any direction tourists need.

Visitors can easily get their car to the ferry and come to the city by car. Renting a car would also be an option, but don't be surprised if you need to wake somebody up to get your service.

Taxies are a bit expensive in Port Sudan, when tourists compare it to the other major cities in the country. Still, they are one of the only ways of transportation around the city. Before entering the taxi, you must bargain for the price or you might be ripped off. There are some city buses, but people can never tell which way they are going.


The airport of Port Sudan is located 10 km south from the city center and has regular daily flights to Khartoum, Cairo and Jeddah. This is also a major cargo airport, shipping the goods coming and going from the port.


The railway system in Sudan is extensive and runs between the big cities. Unfortunately, only one fifth of the capacity is running since no one is doing the reparation of the tracks. The first class is quite nice and six people can sit in the compartment. Locals get a ride for free on the roof of the trains, but that is definitely not safe and accidents happen. From Port Sudan it takes 10 hours to get to Khartoum on a train.

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