Festivals in Port Sudan

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Port Sudan festivals commemorate the different cultures and beliefs of the people living here. Port Sudan's demographics are made up of Arab or Nubian Sudanese, which includes the indigenous Beja, West Africans and people from Asia and Europe. Because of this, there are plenty of cultural festivities in the place. Port Sudan Festivals mainly reflect its culture, its art and its faith.

Mawlid an-Nabi

Mawlid an-Nabi is an Islamic celebration of the birthday of the prophet Mohammed. It occurs on the 12th day of Rabi al-Awwal, the fifth month of the Islamic Calendar. Stalls of sweets litter the streets during this festival. Men sing songs about Mohammed. Special activities happen, like gift giving and a monstrous feast where men can all gather in one place. This celebration is exclusive for men. Women are not allowed to participate.

Sham Al Nassim the Spring Holiday

This festival happens during the first Monday after Easter. The origin of the holiday is unclear, but one thing is sure - this festival descended from Egypt. Sham Al Nassim is a festival celebrated when the spring season begins. It is also called the day to "sniff the breezes."

Kurban Bairam

This festival is also known as Eid al Kabier, or the big festival. This takes place on the tenth of the Muslim month of Zu al Hajj, during the month of the pilgrimage to Mecca. Each pilgrim who has made their way to Mecca will gather in one place and sacrifice an animal for the occasion. In Sudan, every family will have to slaughter a ram as a sacrifice. Besides offering sacrificial things for this event, people visit their relatives and friends and feast with them.

Festival of Holiya

This festival commemorates the death of a saint. The Holiya festival is an opportunity for different people in Sudan from different ethnic backgrounds to gather in one place, regardless of status. This festival is one of the many Sufi festivities that reflect the ethnic diversity of the people. The Sufi followers in Sudan conduct a parade, called Zaffa, that passes through many Sufi significant places. After that, there will be an all night party in the streets where men will dance wildly, which is called Hadra. They dance to the hymn of the Sufi songs, which is called Qasaids, in honor of their god Dhikr.

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