Cruises in Port Sudan

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There are many Port Sudan cruises available to choose from. Port Sudan is the capital of Red Sea State and is known for its diving sites. There are also several beaches worth visiting in Port Sudan. Aside from the Red Sea, there are also several snorkeling sites that are popular among tourists. The wreck of Umbria is a popular diving and snorkeling site. The Umbria was a sunken ship used during the World War II, built in 1912.

Sha’ab Rumi is another popular site in the region. It is also considered to be one of the three top sites in the world. The Sha’ab Rumi is more suitable for experienced divers. This area is also known to be inhabited by sharks and barracudas.

Scuba Diving Cruises

There several beautiful diving and snorkeling sites near Port Sudan, which is why scuba diving cruises are quite popular. You can choose scuba diving cruises that will bring you to some of the diving sites near Port Sudan.

Most of the companies that provide scuba diving cruises offer different types of packages. Guests can choose to have several nights on a cruise boat where they will be brought to several dive sites. Most of these cruises also include travel to the different attractions in Sudan or Port Sudan. There are many divers and professionals who go to Port Sudan to explore the many different dive sites in Sudan.

Red Sea Cruises

One of the most popular cruises in Port Sudan is the trip to the Red Sea. The Red Sea Coast is one of the main reasons why visitors travel to Port Sudan. Aside from touring the Red Sea, there are also several diving sites in the sea that are quite popular.

There are many companies that offer cruises to this underwater world. Most of the Red Sea cruises are available from 7 to 14 days. There are also cruise companies that provide trips for both small and large groups. These Red Sea cruises often provide full meals and accommodations aside from transportation to some of the most wonderful diving sites in the region.

Snorkeling Cruises

If you prefer not to scuba dive, there are also several snorkeling cruises available. Most of the boats that provide snorkeling trips tour around the Red Sea and the surrounding oceans of Port Sudan. Snorkeling sites are often the same as the scuba diving sites. However, tours for snorkeling are much shorter in days than a diving cruise.

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