Beaches in Port Sudan

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Port Sudan Beaches enjoy a near-desert climate coupled with salty sea water. Located on the Red Sea, Port Sudan is the largest port city in the Republic of Sudan. With its unspoiled natural setting, the beaches in Port Sudan offer something different for beach lovers.

Coral Reefs

The most common and popular water sport in Port Sudan is scuba diving. This is unsurprising, given the variety of corals and fishes that are found in the shallow waters of the Red Sea bed. Those looking for a bigger thrill can opt for deep sea diving, for a deeper dive into the sea bed where more spectacular corals and marine life can be found. Shipwrecks are also a common attraction for divers, and many of these can be found in the depths of the sea, providing a form of fascination for those with a keen sense of adventure and exploration. Waters in Port Sudan are generally warm, given the desert climate, but November is probably the best time for venturing into these waters. Resort hotels that are springing up along the beach provide the best form of guidance in diving, from instructors to guides and equipment.


Those looking for something drier, yet still possessing the sense of exploration can head over to Suakin, a city slightly south of the beaches of Port Sudan. Like Port Sudan, this was a former port city, now abandoned and inhabited by cats. The main attractions here are the buildings, which are constructed out of coral.


One of the villages a little way north of Port Sudan, Arous is unique in that the beaches here are used mainly for the purposes of underwater photography. It is common to see stands set up to take the action under the water of marine life, as well as the beautiful sunrise and sunsets that this little village has to offer. While here, wake a little earlier to catch the sunrise, as the sun appears from beyond the horizon, coloring the waters a brilliant shade of vermillion.

Port Sudan is truly something different. While popular among divers, this port city is a largely unknown jewel in Africa where not many tourists visit, especially in the quieter months of the year. Those looking for a quiet, sandy beach and calm waters could surely venture here for a great holiday!

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