Bars and Cafes in Port Sudan

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Although Sudan has had its fair share of political, social and economic problems in recent years, travelers still believe it worthwhile to come to its major cities and enjoy the Port Sudan bars and cafes. While the nightlife may be limited with many establishments shutting down by 8 p.m. and parties rarely going on later than 11 p.m., this is due to the Muslim culture's antipathy towards drinking. In fact you will be hard pressed to find anywhere in Port Sudan that serves alcohol and the penalty for possession of it can be very serious. There are also unofficial curfews in many parts round about the midnight mark.

What You Can Do

The best Port Sudan bars and cafes are basically street stalls where you can buy freshly-made local coffee. These spots are perfect to watch Sudanese life go by on street-level. Occasionally you might come across a chicha (bubble pipe) den where men only will chill out and smoke themselves into relaxation.

Major Hotels

Good places to kick back and enjoy coffee, pastries and chicha are the restaurants and eateries of good hotels. The Coral Port Sudan is located close to the harbor entrance and visitors will be struck by its stunning architecture, especially the way its enormous dome structure catches the sunlight and directs it into the hotel. On top of this it features the Red Sea Cafe and Pastry Corner where you can partake of the food and drink while enjoying the view of the harbor. The Red Sea Cafe offers something stronger - super hardcore Sudanese cafe and chicha pipes. This is a great way to spend post-sunset periods.

Get Connected

If while you sip your tea or coffee you want to surf the internet, do some donwloading, do some photocopying, get your PC repaired or just hang out with the locals and travelers alike, the Palace ranks highly among Port Sudan bars and cafes. It costs only $2 an hour to use the internet and has been rated five-stars by some. It is situated near Shore Street in more or less the city center of Port Sudan.


Due to the lack of bar and cafe culture, lots of travelers simply enjoy strolling along the beach soaking up the atmosphere of this fascinating part of the world. Others like to take a trip to the "ghost island" of Suakin located in the harbor area.

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