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Accommodation in Port Sudan

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View from Room 204 Maysara Hotel

View from Room 204 Maysara Hotel


Here are a few suggestions for your staying in Port Sudan.
  Blaces for Tourism In Port Sudan

  Eastern Sudan is regarded the first touristy in the country, because it has numerous tourist attractions: The Red Sea, the wildlife  , the  sun shine throughout the year , the moderate climate in Winter ,the archaeological antiquates and the numerous tribes who vary greatly in their traditions .customs and folkore


  The Red Sea aria has a semi desert  climate with rising humidity most of the year with winter raining in during (Sept - May) and  summer monthes (May –Sept.


The clearness and transparency of the Red Sea water enable the visitor to see the charm of its coral reef and marine gardens, the variety of its fishes, plants and animals. The best time of year suited for snorkeling or diving visit are Apr-May –Sept- Oct


     It is tourist village, 50 km North p. Sudan, especially built as abase for diving and underwater photography  .


  It is a shipwreck in the Red Sea since  where the coral reefs built on, then it 1937   became one of the beautiful places for diving and underwater photography



There are numerous islands in the Red Sea famous for their coral reefs, fishes, birds and beaches i.e. Um El grouch  island north p. Sudan which is believed among the fishermen that it is the dwelling of sharks specially during the multiplying season. Mukwar Island it has some wiled goast.


A city built on small island, 58 km South Port SudanIt derives the name (Suakin) from a funny legendary storiesdated back to the king Solomon and Queen Balges of Sabaa kingdom of Yemen, but to the Bega tribe it is pronounced Osouk(market) .Suakin was surrounded by a wall which has five gates (Eastern Sudan Gate was the famous one). The island was linked to the mainland by a short causeway, Two miles away from the island there are eight watching towers.Suakin coral made building were famous for their unique whole style and general appearance. Suaikn was the official residential town for Beja tribe kings and well known commercial center and a major port for pilgrims to Mecca and the Hejaz.Suakin came to its end with the foundation of port Sudan (1905) In 1991 a new port is opened at Suakin to receive passengers and goods. There are frequent  and mini buses between p .Sudan and Suakin .Suakin can easily by visited in a day trip from p. Sudan


    A town situated among the hills .120 km south Port Sudan along the main road between Port Sudan and Kassala .It is the center of the Hadendawa tribes and still famous for their traditional handicrafts. It contained the tomb of Merriam EL Merghanyia. It is famous for its religious festivals. There is a wildlife force office at Sinkat. There are daily boxes and mini buses between p. Sudan and Sinkat  

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Hilton Hotel

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Hilton Hotel, the only five star hotel in Port Sudan is located at the beach road (sharia al-bahar) with sea view (about 100 meters from the sea. Hilton Hotel aquired the historical hotel and popular "Red Sea Hotel" which was built at early years of last century. Hitlon renovated it add more rooms and aminites (swimming pool, snorkling and diving trips, etc)

It is about 5 mintues driving from the city center and about 25 kilometers (17 miles) from Port Sudan Airport.

Double room is from $150-200 /night.


type:First Class
World66 rating: [rate it]
address:Port Sudan

Al Maysara Hotel

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View from Room 204 Maysara Hotel
View from Room 204 Maysara Hotel
photo by: alec66

Al Maysara Hotel is fairly basic and is close to the harbour and market. Room 204, on the second floor has an ensuite shower and toilet. The Hotel has a generator which is critical for Port Sudan in 2006 as there are regular power cuts. There is a fridge, airconditioning, a ceiling fan and television in the bedroom though the number of operational power sockets is limited. There is an internet cafe next door and the speed is good. Didn't try the restaurant but there is a sandwich shop along the road which is open during the day (you buy the token and use the token to get the more..

type:Middle Class
World66 rating: [rate it]
tel:Tel: 32052/75, Fax: 32058
CostOfDoubleForANight:Single is $US50-60
address:P.O. Box 1379

Palace Baasher Hotel

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Four star hotel located in the city centre, next to the beach and the tourist attractions.

type:First Class
World66 rating: [rate it]