Nuba mountains Travel Guide

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Nuba Moutains is a gorgeous getaway tucked in the dramatic and inaccessible mountain ranges of Sudan. Here is a comprehensive travel guide to offer visitors information about this splendid and unspoiled natural resort.  


Nuba Mountains is a breathtakingly beautiful mountain range located in Kordofan in the southwest region of Khartoum, Sudan. The gigantic mountain covers a whopping 64 km in length and is touted to be between 1500 to 3000 feet in height, towering over several surrounding ranges and plains. The topography of this imposing natural phenomenon is primarily arid, owing to a parched climate. However, there are a few lush green patches that refreshingly adorn the dry landscape of Nuba Mountains. The most alluring feature of the region is that there aren’t any roads that wind through the ranges of Nuba, unlike other more commercial and crowded touristy mountains that dilute the experience of natural wilderness with hectic tourist vehicles. The mountains shelter several quaint villages that are accessible only through old walking paths.   The region also offers a spectacular glimpse of the lifestyle and idiosyncrasies of a multi-ethnic village, groups and native tribes.

The tranquil Nuba Mountains bore the brunt of a full-fledged Sudanese civil war after the Volcano Battalion forces, under the leadership of Yousif Kuwa Mekki, made their way to the mountains and started recruiting local Nubas and training them in warfare at remote Ethiopian camps. The mountains were seized at several junctures of the civil war by the SPLA. Despite signing the Comprehensive Peace Treaty in January 2005, the region suffers from an omnipresent threat of a potential attack.

The best time to visit this stunning natural getaway is from November to February when the climate is relatively pleasant. Avoid the torrential rain months from October to May.    

Things to Do

Apart from the obvious mountain hiking and trail walking through the narrow, winding paths of the Nuba Mountains, tourists can also visit one of the several charming villages and hobnob with locals to experience a slice of their innate lifestyle and observe species of wild animals from several vantage points while the animals graze near the swampy areas.


The base of Nuba Mountains houses several campsites and inexpensive accommodation options for a true natural escapade. Apart from that, there are a few relatively unknown accommodation options in the villages as well. Some locals regularly rent out their rooms for a night or 2 to make some quick money from tourists but for a more up-market holiday experience, head to the comfortable and value-for-money hotels in Khartoum. Some the best hotels that offer clean and well-maintained rooms along with personalized service are Hotel Sharga, Hotel Al Salam Rotana, Hotel Taka and Acropole Hotel. For a luxurious stay with all the fancy trimmings, Hilton Khartoum is an expensive and upscale option.     

Nuba Mountains is a hauntingly and mesmerizingly untouched quarter of South Sudan that preserves the wild glory of its region through its natural beauty.    
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