Day Trips in Khartoum

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Khartoum is a great base to discover the vivid traces of a rustic Sudanese culture and its endearingly unsophisticated charm through a series of day trips. Here are some ideas on planning trips from this historically and culturally blessed African region.

Sabaloga Gorge

Located at approximately 60 miles to the north of Khartoum, the dramatic Sabaloga Gorge provides a perfect backdrop for a thrilling natural and historical escapade. The only practical way to travel on the sandy routes and overtly rough paths of the region is in a four wheeler, so even the most daring travelers should avoid taking any other mode of transport. Visitors can mosey around a quaint Sudanese village and take a peak of the historic Ansar Fort.


Meroe is located about 200 miles from Khartoum and is a vast storehouse of a confluence of ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman cultures. The antediluvian ruins of the region combined with its classic temple structures and exquisite statues are worth witnessing for their intricate craftsmanship and pleasantly archaic appeal. Hire a local guide to give you exhaustive and interesting information on the mesmerizing history of the region. Again, make sure you come here in a four wheeler as the roads leading to Meroe are scruffy and worn out.

Dinder National Park

In complete contrast to the so-called ‘natural’ national parks that are nothing but contrived getaways aimed at appeasing a largely tourist population with several ‘touch ups’, the Dinder National Park stands out as a completely non-manipulated wildlife park where visitors can catch games in their true natural  form. The park is located about 300 miles to the south of Khartoum, a little away from the Roseires Dam on the pristine Blue Nile River. The park is open every year for visitors from December to May.

Red Sea Region

Diving aficionados swear by the clarity of the azure waters of Red Sea and its perfect conditions for undertaking enjoyable diving sessions. The rich coral reefs and ample oceanic ecology coupled with a soothing tropical climate make the place an ideal haunt for action packed activities and peaceful relaxation. The place can be reached in an hour and a half by an Air Sudan flight.

Jebel Awlia

Jebel Awlia is a strikingly beautiful dam surrounded by lush greenery and dense grasslands that are ideal for bird watching. This is an idyllic location for a picnic in the midst of Sudan’s natural beauty. There are several fishermen who put up their fresh catches for sale near the dam. Make sure you pick up some as the delicious and fresh catches of the day are available at rock bottom prices.

Khartoum has no dearth of day trip options that allow visitors to savor the natural, cultural and historical magnificence of Sudan.

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