Climate in Sudan

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Sudan has a tropical climate. Seasonal variations are most sharply defined in the desert zones, where winter temperatures as low as 4.4 C (about 40 F) are common, particularly after sunset. Summer temperatures often exceed 43.3 C (about 110 F) in the desert zones, and rainfall is negligible. Dust storms, called haboobs, frequently occur. High temperatures also prevail to the south throughout the central plains region, but the humidity is generally low. In the vicinity of Khartoum the average annual temperature is about 26.7 C (about 80 F); and annual rainfall, most of which occurs between mid-June and September, is about 254 mm (about 10 in). Equatorial climatic conditions prevail in southern Sudan. In this region the average annual temperature is about 29.4 C (about 85 F), annual rainfall is more than 1015 mm (more than 40 in).
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