Travel Guide in Transkei

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This Transkei travel guide will outline some of the outstanding features of this ecologically breathtaking region. Backpackers, eco-tourists and surfers have always treated this area as something of a spiritual home. Adventure tour groups bring more people into the area for kayaking, fishing and camping – all of which helps the local economy substantially. If you would rather not “rough it” however, there is still something in the Transkei travel guide for you.


The Transkei is a backpacker’s paradise. It is home to some of the most ideally situated backpacker accommodations in the world. Places such as the Coffee Shack in Coffee Bay and Mdumbi Backpackers provide everything a worldly traveler could ask for: a comfortable place to rest; clean amenities and facilities for cooking and chilling out; and access to any adventure you can think of, be it abseiling sea cliffs, kayaking, four-wheel biking, hiking or surfing. Backpacking is also a fantastic way to experience age-old Xhosa African tribal culture, which still thrives here.


The Transkei offers everything a surfer could want. There are out-of-the-way places with no crowds, a variety of breaks (types of waves) and an abundance of natural beauty to enjoy it in. There are a growing number of small establishments that cater for these intrepid individuals. Surf tours, such as Swell Tours South Africa, are available for those who would rather not venture into unknown waters unguided.


If roughing it in tents or dorms is not to your liking, the Transkei is home to a number of hotels and resorts that offer the level of comfort you may require. The Haven Hotel in the Cwebe Nature Reserve, for instance, offers the style and facilities you might expect from more urban hotels, except it happens to be located in remarkably unspoiled surrounds.

Word of Caution

This Transkei Travel Guide must remind you that the area is still in many ways “wild”, and therefore not for the faint of heart. Go with group instead or if you intend to go on your own, prepare wisely and be aware of the risks such as crime in certain areas and sharks in certain waters. These aside however, you’ll find the locals friendly, the landscape incomparable and the experience unforgettable.

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