Things to do in Transkei

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There is plenty to do in the Transkei.  The coastline is the best place to go, and you won't be disappointed.  There are miles and miles of deserted golden beaches, with blue surf crashing in all day long....... an idyllic place to rest, to walk, swim, fish, surf if you can, and explore!

In spite of the stories of crime and violent incidents, the coastal areas are generally safe, but do be careful - there are lots of little kids who will make off with shoes, bags, and so on if you're not watching!

Recommended?  Hole-in-the-Wall, Coffee Bay, Port St Johns Second Beach, Umngazana Mangrove swamps, Trennery's

Inland is magic too!  Hilltops as far as you can see, covered in huts, villages full of life.  But there are areas with faction fighting amongst tribes, so best not to explore yourself inland.  Hook up with a qualified and licensed guide through the local tourism office.

Although Umtata can be quite hairy, its quite an experience too!  Get a guide to take you around and you'll be safe enough. Stay the night and you'll hear gunfire and sirens all night!  It' s an experience!  My own experience living in Umtata spanned 15 years!



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