Sights in Transkei

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Transkei Sights: Hidden Delights 

In the Transkei, sights abound. It is a region of unsurpassed natural beauty and timelessness. Travelers to Transkei are never disappointed. The area’s unspoiled coastline and rugged interior offer unique experiences to even the most world-weary and well-traveled of visitors. Transkei’s blend of traditional African culture and scintillating scenery is something special to behold.

Transkei Sights of Land and Sea

The Transkei’s Wild Coast has a reputation for being an unspoiled wilderness. The sublimity with which the Indian Ocean meets the Coast’s sea-cliffs and white beaches can be frightening and is always awe-inspiring. The famous “Hole in the Wall,” an ancient sea arch of rock, was carved out for innumerable years by this siege of warm ocean waters. It is reachable only by foot and is a notable sight to be explored and enjoyed. Spectacular cliffs offer prime views of the ocean and of hardy surfers below riding the breakers. Coffee Bay is the ideal base from which to enjoy all these features. The bay itself a spectacular bay at the mouth of the Bomvu River.

The region is also a reserve area; the local fauna and flora in particular are protected in parks, such as the Hluleka and the Dwese-Cwebe Nature Reserves (and others besides). Diverse bird-life is abundant here, and the fish-eagle is one to look out for. Evergreen forests, Natal Fig trees, quinine and mangrove lagoons flourish. Most of the coast is marine-protected as well.

Transkei Sights of African Culture

The Transkei is the home to a traditional Xhosa way of life. Their round mud-brick huts (referred to as “rondavels” or “round dwellings”) line the coast. The Xhosa are primarily cattle farmers, and they still herd these in the hilly grasslands that lie behind the coastal cliffs. Interaction with these friendly locals is a must. Their bead craft is famous throughout South Africa, while their music and dance entertains all visitors.

Interaction between the Xhosa, who still live a subsistent lifestyle and tourists from across the globe makes for incredible interactions between cultures and memorable experiences.

In the Transkei, sights are either natural and awe-inspiring, or cultural and fascinating, reflecting a way of life no longer easy to access in a mad-dash world. The stunning Wild Coast, it’s secluded spots and nature reserves, all against a backdrop of traditional African culture, make for a once in a lifetime experience.  

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