Practical Information in Transkei

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Travel Safely To Transkei

This Transkei practical information guide will help you safely tour this small republic in South Africa. Transkei is a beautiful region which is characterized with vast meadows and rolling hills. Moreover, what makes this country famous among tourists is the fact that the cost of living here is very cheap. So for your travels to Transkei, here are some of the important information that you need to know.

Entry Requirements

Americans, UK nationals, Canadians and Australians who want to travel to Transkei only need passports valid for 30 days to enter the country. Before the foreign affairs of Transkei consents anyone to travel in the country, a person should be able to present a return ticket and a proof that he or she has sufficient funds to travel around the city. However, for stay longer than 90 days, a visa is already required to stay longer in Transkei. Other nationals from Asian, South American and European countries need a visa to enter Transkei without any problems.

Transkei Safety

Transkei has a high incidence of crime, which is why a lot of tourists avoid this country. However, if you cannot help going there, then there are still a lot of ways to stay safe in Transkei. Do not drive through the area after sun down to avoid being mugged. Moreover, do not take on any hitchhikers. Choose to stay in a hotel instead of camping outside the area. Although there are a lot of crimes going on in Transkei, you can still avoid them by being cautious all the time.


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