Getting Around in Transkei

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Getting in and Around Transkei Safely

There are only limited Transkei transportation options that you can take when getting in and around this small republic in South Africa. Transkei is very small and has a land area of 45,000 square kilometers, so getting around the country is fairly difficult due to the fact that the roads in Transkei are not yet fully developed. For this reason, the best way to travel around the city is by means of a rented Safari Cars and buses.

Rental Safari Cars

There are a lot of cheap rental cars in Transkei, but the most famous company is the Easy Terra Car Rental, which is particularly famous for its rental safari cars. The cars are very dependable on rough roads which make it possible for you to reach the difficult places in Transkei. Moreover, the company also includes drivers who can navigate themselves very well on the roads of Transkei. The price of rental cars starts from $90 to $150 per day, depending on the car model.

Transkei Buses

If you are traveling cheap, then you can always take the MEC Mhlahlo Buses that operates around Transkei. You can also travel around Transkei by riding the Baz Bus, which is just a passenger mini-van. Traveling in Transkei with a large group is best experienced by riding the buses, since a large crowd is generally safe from being victimized inside the bus. Moreover, riding the bus is cheaper than renting a safari car. Fare usually costs between $10 and $20, depending on your destination.



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