Festivals in Transkei

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Attend the Annual Buyel’Ekhaya Beach Festival

If you’re looking forward to attending some interesting Transkei festivals, you should definitely consider going to the annual Buyel’Ekhaya Beach Festival. This is a major music event held in East London which you definitely shouldn’t miss.


The Buyel’Ekhaya Beach Festival is held every year around the 20th of December, but don’t be surprised about the date, as December is a summer month in South Africa. Literally translated, Buyel’Ekhaya means “coming home.” The festival is organized by T-Musicman, which is one of the leading music management companies in the country. They bring all the top names of the South African scene to perform on the event. Of course, this can’t be possible without the financial help of the South African government, which stays tight behind the event. You should definitely visit the festival if you want to see some of the best South African jazz, soul, gospel or pop music artists.


The Buyel’Ekhaya Beach Festival is usually hosted at the Buffalo Park cricket stadium, which is located on Buffalo Park Drive, very close to the waters of the Southern Ocean. The stadium has a capacity of about 14 000 people. Prices for the event are very affordable, with the cheapest tickets starting at $20. You can also get an expensive V.I.P. ticket for about $130, which will give you a certain amount of extras. Whatever it is, most important is the festival itself, and you will surely enjoy a very pleasant experience.

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