Beaches in Transkei

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Transkei is an area in the Wild Coast part of the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. This region encompasses the coastal region from  north of East London all the way to the southern border of Kwazulu-Natal at Port Edward. This coastal region has a wonderful selection of different Transkei beaches.

Morgan’s Bay

This bay is a seaside village that boasts one of Transkei’s beaches. This place is a perfect holiday destination, and allows for camping by the sea. These days, Morgan’s Bay is perfect for your own family holiday, especially if you’re interested in camping by the seaside.

Port St. John

This area is simply spectacular when it comes to views. Lush vegetation next to the seaside area makes this place one of the most beautiful places that exists. If you’re interested in relaxation by the sea, then this is the place for you.

Coffee Bay

Coffee Bay is more of a pebble-style beach, but their tourist hospitality is unsurpassed. The hotels, shops and shuttles on this Tranksei beach are all dedicated to satisfying their touring guests.

Mazeppa Bay

Mazeppa Bay is one of the most beautiful areas in all of the Wild Coast. This beach is well known for its fishing, since there's a wide variety of excellent game fish to be caught in this area. In Mazeppa Bay, you will find the best coast lines. One of the most fantastic things about this beach is the one hundred meter high suspension bridge. This area is ideal for those who are interested in collecting rare and exotic shells. IN addition, the Mazeppa Bay hiking trail is very close to the area.

Gone are the days when Transkei was a place of violence and separation. This area was once one of the most hostile and divided regions in South Africa. This was due to the Apartheid that once existed in the area. Now this place is a tranquil spot for vacations and holidays. The fact that this area has such a  rich history only adds to the now tranquil beauty of the beaches. Now you can relax in the Transkei beaches for your vacation or holiday. If this sounds right to you, then check out one or more of the beaches detailed above.

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