Beaches in St. Lucia

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St Lucia is a ‘love at first sight’ tropical island that just doesn’t need to try too hard to attract its visitors. Its romantic azure waters, warm golden sand and stunning bleeding sunsets epitomize a naturally blessed region that requires  little effort to sustain its endearing qualities. Swimming, water sports, beach walking or plain lazy lounging--this one’s a hard choice to make in the quintessentially attractive tourist spot.

Introduction to the Beach Scene

There is no doubt about the fact that St Lucia plays to a largely tourist population and exudes a strikingly gorgeous countenance mixed with heady water sports and a rich marine life to form an incredible holiday package. The popular, yet unassuming Caribbean hideaway, is frequented as much for its panoramic beach scenery as for its laid-back attitude and friendly atmosphere. The beaches on the northern end of the island are fantastic for diving and snorkeling and house several expensive private beach resorts. The relatively isolated beaches on the southern stretch of St Lucia, though accessible only by powerboats, catamarans and charter boats, are ideal for a serene and relaxed beach-side holiday without too many frenzied activities thrown in. The calm and secluded beaches of the region offer a dazzling view of the Caribbean. For a pure and unperturbed sunbathing experience, head to the east coast of the island that has a line-up of some of the most uninhabited beaches of the region facing the Atlantic Ocean. The beaches in this quarter of the island feature erratic waves and are not suitable for swimming although the desolate shores are ideal for prolonged tanning sessions. For swimming, the western portion of the island is the safest and consists of beaches having more consistent wave patterns. The western beaches are also great for exploratory quests on a horseback or by jeep.

Where to Head

  • Anse Chastanet. Anse Chastanet is a favorite for diving and snorkeling and boasts of rich coral reefs and a magnificent ocean ecology. The beach has an interesting volcanic origin and still offers traces of the intense volcanic activity it has witnessed throughout the years.
  • Jalhousie Beach. The pristine white sand and crystal clear turquoise water of Jalhousie beach make it a fantastic option for sunbathing and peaceful relaxation.  
  • Pigeon Island National Park. This relatively secluded beach combines a range of swimming, tanning and sightseeing options. Pigeon Island National Park features a small museum and a breathtaking view of the Rodney Fort ruins. There are also a couple of good shack-style eateries that offer decent fare.
  • Reduit Beach.  This one’s for a relaxed leisurely stroll through the silvery sands in the backdrop of serene waters. The calm waters of Reduit are also ideal for swimming and water sports. The popular beach houses several restaurants selling lip-smacking sea fare and some of them even rent diving equipment and comfortable lounge chairs. 

St Lucia is one of the rare islands that presents a line-up of the most eclectic beaches and flaunts its diverse topography and range of activities with gusto.    
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