Top 5 Must Do's in Pretoria

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South Africa offers some excellent places to visit, with the city of Pretoria topping the list of sights that show the country's rich heritage and difficult history. Whether you're interested in the history, the culture or the nature of South Africa, Pretoria has some fabulous places to see.

Transvaal Museum

This museum of natural history is located on Paul Kruger Street and marked with a giant whale skeleton at the entrance. There are several sections to the museum. The Hall of Life depicts the earliest life forms in the world. The Hall of Mammals begins with dinosaurs and goes on to showcase the evolution of mammals. There is another hall dedicated to the bird kingdom, and yet one more that displays the geological world of rocks and gems. There is also a science magic show that is sure to amuse children.

National Zoological Gardens

If you prefer to see the animals of current-day South Africa then be sure to stop by the National Zoological Gardens. Here you will find large enclosures of the indigenous wildlife interspersed with exotic plant life. There is also an aquarium as well as a reptile park. For something different you can book a night tour to see the habits of the zoo's nocturnal inhabitants, or even a camping tour where you can spend the night and wake up to the roars of lions. The zoo is located on Boom Street.

Pretoria Art Museum

For those who are interested in South African art, the Pretoria Art Museum on Schoeman Street is the place to go. The museum has both permanent and traveling collections that focus on South African artists, both black and white. There are also educational activities, a children's center, and information center and numerous cultural events.

Freedom Park

Freedom Park is located on Glen Manor Avenue and sits on a vantage point that looks over the city of Pretoria. The park is a testament to the struggle for freedom and democracy in South Africa. It's a sobering experience that allows visitors to reflect on what it means to be human. Some of the more meaningful sights in the park include the Wall of Names, which lists those who died in the struggles throughout South Africa's history, and the Eternal Flame, which burns for those multitudes of people whose lives were not documented.

Hatfield Market

Finally, for something a bit more upbeat, you can visit Hatfield Market on Burnett Street. Here you can browse through the stalls and shops filled with traditional African arts and crafts including jewelry and furniture. You can also find a goodly amount of trendy, modern items. Be sure to stop into the food court for a bite to eat, and check out the local entertainers that frequent the area.

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1) Memory Lane Frozen yogurt : Famous for their English toffee and fudge mix. 2) Canopy tours Magalisburg : A few minutes drive outside Pretoria, ejoy being hooked on a cable suspended through a canyon and whizzing down enjoying nature from above. 3) Hatfield Square : This is the hot spot for clubs, pubs and a variety of restaurants. 4) Menlyn : Huge shopping center for all your needs. 5) Brooklyn square : Upper class restaurants in a safe area

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