Zoological Gardens

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The National Zoological Gardens of South Africa is situated on approximately 70 hectares in the heart of Pretoria. Since its inception in 1899 it has grown to such an extent that today it enjoys world-wide recognition. Not only is it the largest zoo in South Africa but one of the ten best in the world. More that one million people visit it every year. It is also the only zoo with national status. The zoo houses 140 mammal and 320 bird species, in the biggest inland see-water aquarium 300 fish species and in the reptile park. Ninety reptile species as well as several amphibian and invertibray species. The zoo also has a farmyard where children can learn about farm animals. The zoo is very proud to have the third best plant collection in South Africa. For visitors convenience there is a restaurant, cable car that gives a panoramic view of the zoo and surrounding city as well as a picnic area with barbecue facilities.
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