Eating Out in Pretoria

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Pretoria is intensely epicurean in nature and loves serving its hybrid cuisine to comfort a mixed ethnic crowd. Owing to the fact that the city has acted as a melting pot of diverse races that have brought with them distinct flavors, the cuisine reflects the multi-cultural identity of Pretoria. There really is something in here for everyone.

Le Si Continental Restaurant

For wholesome and real European cusisine, visit the Le Si Continental Restaurant located in the Casa Toscana Lodge at Lyttelton Manor. The tastefully decorated bistro serves delectable a la carte meals and sumptuous buffets on weekends. There are discounts and package deals for guests of the lodge. An average main course dish can cost approximately R140.

Aquila Corner

This one is a classic charmer that woos its patrons with its brightly lit ambiance and spacious open-air venue. Aquila Corner offers an array of scrumptious dishes and some of the most eclectic and creatively whipped up delicacies in its generous buffet meals. Located at Queenwood, this restaurant is very popular with families which have young children. Enjoy their flavorsome coffee and warm, friendly service. The cuisine is mostly European with a few touches of African and Asian flavors as well. Go there for a relaxed and intimate family dinner. An average main course preparation here can set you back by R55.

Simply Asia Gift Acres

For true-blue Asian fare that is prepared by a proficient and experience Thai chef, head straight to Simply Asia Gift Acres. The restaurant serves distinctly flavored and delicately spiced Asian cuisine that includes dishes and curries made of lemongrass, coconut, red chili and coriander. Try the flavorsome and generously portioned soups and spicy meat starters served with huge helpings of fresh vegetables. An average main course dish here is priced at R55.

A’La Turka Specialty Restaurant

For lip-smacking Greek and Turkish fusion food, look no further than the A’La Turka Specialty restaurant. The eatery serves awesome Lebanese delights like shawarma and falafel along with a range of breads and delicious accompaniments. The garlic sauce served with the main dishes is simply superb. All ingredients used in the food are handpicked by experts and the spices are especially transported from their land of origin. An average main course dish here can costs R100.

Otter Lake Restaurant and Pub

If you want to wine and dine in style in the backdrop of an idyllic dam, the romantic Otter Lake Restaurant and Pub is the perfect getaway for an intimate meal in the midst of a stunning natural ambiance. The restaurant serves delicious grilled fare and lists a predominantly European menu. 

Pretoria has risen eating to a form of art and has several fine dining restaurants, pubs, bistros and humble eateries that celebrate the region’s penchant for good food.

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