Pretoria Travel Guide

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Pretoria is  the adminstrative capital of South Africa. Located just ±50km kilometres (±50km) north of Johannesburg / Egoli, it is an attractive city - but it doesn't have the big city atmosphere of Jo'burg.

Situated in the centre of the city, Church Square is the focal point of the administrative capital of South Africa. The large open space, formed part if the original survey of Pretoria by Andries Francios du Toit, whose map bears the date 2 March 1859.
Paul Kruger President of the Zuid Afrikkaanse Republiek Statue has four of his fighters at corner of the pdestals.
In the background is the old Raadsaal, now adminstrative offices for the Pretoria / Tshwane Council. on the Northern side of the Squarw is thePalace of Justive and old Reserve Bank, the Western facade consits of the Genral Post Office , Cafe Riche Buisling and Nederlands Ban now Tourist office.

The name derives from the fact that Reverend Dirk van der Hoff established a congregation there in 1854. After Pretoria had became the seat of the Transvaal government in 1860 important Government buildings were erected round the square such as the government Building, often refferd to as the ‘Raadzaal’ and the Palace of Justice opposite. Today there are a lot of restaurants and shops in the area.

A short walk west from Church Square, you find Kruger House. The residence of President Paul Kruger has been turned into a museum and national monument and is worth a visit.

Another major attraction is the Zoological gardens. Since its inception in 1899 it has grown to such an extent that today it enjoys world-wide recognition. Not only is it the largest zoo in South Africa but one of the ten best in the world. More that one million people visit it every year.

Union Buildings designed by Sir Herbert Baker , an architectural masterpiece sitting on the southern slopes of Roberts Heights houses the Presidents Office and the Foreign Ministry.

It is a city with many academic institutions, the University of Pretoria is the largest in South Africa,associated world renown Onderstepoort Vetinerary Research Station; UNISA - University of South Africa is a corrsepondence university, one of the first in the world. Technikon, CSIR - Council for Science and Industrial Research, Museum where Mrs Ples, the skull of Homo Erectus is housed.

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