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Port Elizabeth has a nice line-up of restaurants serving diverse palates and occasionally even mixing up flavors to create fusion cuisines. There are fine dining restaurants, cafes, bistros, delis, pubs and open air eateries adorning the impeccable streets of Port Elizabeth. Here is a guide to eating out in this buzzing harbor town.

De Kelder

This one is an up market restaurant that is heavily patronized by tourists for its exceptional service and delicious culinary delights. The hosts are extremely amiable and offer personalized service that earns them several regulars. The portions offered are generous and the food is super delectable and authentic. De Kelder has an extensive wine collection and exhaustive menu that lists a variety of items belonging to different food genres and preparation styles. The dishes are mainly European; however there are a few main course options that have distinctly African flavors. Combine the mouth-melting oysters with chilled white wine for an enjoyable gourmet experience.

Natti’s Thai Kitchen

This is probably one of the best kept culinary secrets of Port Elizabeth. Natti’s Thai Kitchen is genuine, wholesome, home-cooked, no-frills Thai cuisine at its best. Natti and Mark serve some of the most unique and innovative Thai dishes along with a few regulars on the menu. To say that the food is tasty is an understatement; it is simply outstanding and mixes ingredients to produce the perfect results every time. Try the flavorsome lemongrass soup or the prawns dunked in a rich coconut and red chilly based gravy. The food is steaming hot and spicy, though it can be customized to suit your taste if you request in advance. The ambiance is not extraordinarily luxurious but it’s functional, comfortable and neat all the same and the delicious food more than makes up for it.

Cape Town Fish Market

Cape Town Fish Market serves the most lip-smacking sea-food in Port Elizabeth. It has an array of specialty fish preparations that are mixed with different flavors to produce startling results. Go there for their delicious sushi and pleasant outdoor seating arrangement.

Hackle Wood Hill

Hackle Wood Hill has a menu that features tantalizing local African cuisine along with a range of other international fare. The continental preparations are reasonably good, but the regional dishes are a must try here.  Savor a delicious hotly flavored meat curry or sample a lip-smacking minced vegetable dish. The ambiance is refreshingly quaint and offers a nice fireplace in the lounge area. Visitors can enjoy an array of pre-dinner cocktails with starters to whet their appetite.


This one is a great pizza delivery and take-away eatery that whips up creative pizzas by mixing toppings and teaming up different ingredients to produce unique results. Debonairs generous toppings and wholesome, freshly baked bases have visitors thronging here even on weekdays.

Port Elizabeth being a busy commercial harbor has a plethora of dining options that cater to a highly eclectic clientele.

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