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accommodation in Port elizabeth

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There is no shortage of Port Elizabeth hotels. You will have your choice of budget, mid-range, luxury and bed and breakfast accommodations. In Port Elizabeth don’t limit yourself to just an ordinary hotel. Try a stay at a country house or game reservation. Beach accommodations are also available.

Game Reserve

Prepare yourself to be absolutely amazed by the Schotia Safaris Private Game Reserve. Lion sightings and tranquil surroundings make this Port Elizabeth hotel special. The staff and the food are great. The guides are fantastic and informative. The price of the rooms here is much less expensive than other game reservations. There are three cottages with thatched roofs. They have no electricity but do have running water and huge beds.

Country House

With a 5 star rating the Hacklewood Hill Country House costs over $300 USD per night. Not too far from the airport and in a residential setting this is a private house that is completely distinct from a standard hotel. Clean rooms are huge with equally large bathrooms. The pool is surrounded by a garden and you can relax and enjoy a snack. Breakfast is cooked fresh and is served at the balcony. Caramels, fruit and cookies are complimentary.

5 Star Comforts for under $100

If you like large rooms and even larger suites you will appreciate the Windermere Hotel. This Port Elizabeth hotel offers the comforts of a 5 star hotel for under $100. The level of service is nothing short of excellent. Welcome trays with warm cookies and tea are served upon your arrival. Only a short walking distance from the beach and short drive to the airport the location is excellent. An oasis of tranquility, this hotel should be on your short list.

At the Beach for under $100

You will be pleasantly surprised by the old colonial style of the Beach Hotel. Across from the beach, the rooms have great waterfront views from your private balcony. For poster beds give the rooms a grand atmosphere. There are many hotels and casinos within walking distance as it is next to the boardwalk. A very nice buffet breakfast is served in an attractive room.

Bed and Breakfast under $50

The Mother Goose B&B offers beautiful log cabins in Blue Horizon Bay. The owners Deline and Walter are the perfect hosts. Each cabin is unique and equipped with modern amenities except TV. Enjoy the spectacular view from the valley out to the sea.










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