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Orania is commonly known as "the only place on Earth that is officially Afrikaners only", and thus an interesting place to visit.  Afrikaners being the only native European-African tribe whose language, named Afrikaans, has Dutch, German, French, Khoisan and Malay roots.

It has a population of about 750. It was set up as a "refuge" for the Afrikaner nation, by those Afrikaners who saw the new policies of African National Congress political party as threatening their culture (in particularly the removal of their lanuage from many places, renaming of Afrikaner-established towns into non-Afrikaans names, and other things).

Because the Afrikaner tribe, unlike all other tribes of South Africa did not have any place where they would make a real majority, some people thought that establishing such a place would help their nation to survive. So they bought land and established this community.

Afrikaners deny allegations of racism: they associate the idea of the town as protecting their culture rather than race. As the town is privately owned, they can choose to whom to sell the land and houses.  Visiting South Africa from Ireland, I found the people here some of the most hospitable people I have ever met. I also found a monument that they had rescued from Boxburg, sited on the top of a hill overlooking Orania, which commemorates the Irish soldiers who fought on behalf of the Boers against the English during the Anglo-Boer war.

Here you may expect the utmost hospitality from these people, be treated to tradional sweets such as " koeksisters " and enjoy the peace and quiet of the expansive Karoo. If you are Afrikaner prejudice, you probably will have little interest in visiting this Afrikaner tribal town.


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