Mossel Bay Travel Guide

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Mossel Bay is a heady cocktail of natural beauty, a robust cultural legacy, frenzied shopping and entertainment  and refined dining options. The Mossel Bay Travel Guide offers viewers a sleek preview of the best places to visit, activities to indulge in and food and accommodation options of this thoroughly eclectic holiday destination.


Mossel Bay is a petite harbor located on the captivating Garden Route in the South African Province. It is richly diverse in its appearance and is a classic case of a ‘split personality’ town. It is as much a conventionally prominent destination housing old town centers and  museums as it is a contemporary haunt for fine dining and high-end entertainment. The tourist hotspot is laden with naturally breath-taking beaches and lush green land expanses along with action packed water sports and bag-packing trails. The strategic north-facing beaches of the region are touted as being the most glistening and sunniest coasts in South Africa.

What To Do

Visit the perennially sun-kissed beaches of Mossel Bay and spend a few idle hours being stroked by the warmth of the region. There are innumerable water sports activities to appease hyperactive nerves. Go deep sea diving or furiously paced wind surfing. There are special dolphin and whale spotting boats and even an infamous shark cage diving operation. Other non-water sporting activities include horse-riding, bungee jumping (at Gouritz River Bridge) and bridge swinging. For seafood enthusiasts, the Oyster Catcher Trail is a must do. Pick up you day pack and stroll along the silvery coastline of Mossel Bay to spend the night at cozy cottages and feast on an array of the most scrumptious seafood delicacies in the region. The town center is also a great place to head to for the quaint and well-stocked museum (housing 15 th century exhibits of the early exploration of South Africa) that boasts of a replica of the gigantic boat that was sailed by explorer Bartholomeu Dias towards the cape coast. Pick exquisite local artifacts at The Bay of Attraction, a region famous for its handmade crafts and maritime souvenirs along with a battery of fine dining restaurants.          

Food and Accommodation

There are a variety of beach restaurants serving lip-smacking seafood along with a few dining options spread over the center of the town. 

Being a major tourist hub, Mossel Bay is loaded with accommodation options. Avenues Guesthouse is located in a serene spot overlooking the bay. The Point Hotel offers great service and nice local fare at reasonable prices. Bay Lodge on the Beach is a high-end luxury property with lion game farming in the vicinity. Kay Cera Guest House has clean rooms and an attractive location on the garden route.

Mossel Bay is a spirited destination that revels in its proficient duality of offering a quiet coastal holiday in tranquil settings along with spunky, high-action sports and activities.


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