When to Go in Johannesburg

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Where can you spend Christmas on the beach? Johannesburg, South Africa is a great late December vacation destination is one of the wonderful places that you can actually spend Christmas on the beach. With the South African summer starting around November, the weather is perfect for a green Christmas instead of the usual white.

Peak Season: November- January

If you don’t mind other tourists then the perfect time to go to Johannesburg is during its’ peak travel season between November and January. With the warm weather, outdoor entertainment, and ethnic festivities you are sure to find something to entertain you and your family.

A great way to stay busy in Johannesburg during the summer is to take up the sport of surfing. With the wonderful waves crashing along the coast of South Africa you will love the adrenaline rush you are bound to get. Another wonderful adventure for you and your group is to go hot air ballooning. With the perfect summer weather what better way is there to relax and see an aerial view of the city?

Less Expensive Vacation: April- September

For a slightly cheaper vacation to South Africa plan a trip for sometime between April and September. While there are still some American and European tourists, it is colder and Johannesburg’s off season so hotels and inns will have more affordable rates.

Vacations for Soccer Enthusiasts

If you are a soccer fan than Johannesburg is where you are going to want to be during the city’s 2010 winter. Joburg, as the locals call the city, is hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Be sure to bring your light jacket to wear at the stadium. If you get bored watching the soccer action take a short drive to Plumera Game Lodge and go on an African safari. The game lodge has the big five, elephants, lions, leopard, rhinoceros, and buffalo, along with seven thousand other animals in a malaria-free environment. Cameras will be a must have accessory as you will want to be able to share every minute of your safari when you return home.

No matter when you choose to go there are many great attractions to visit. With such a remarkable past you are bound to find many historical sites and museums to visit no matter the temperature. A must see is Soweto. Soweto was the township that became synonymous with the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa. This little township was once home to the Mandelas and the Tutus--in fact they lived on the same street. With this much history whether it be hot or cold you are sure to enjoy your Johannesburg adventure.

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