Things to do in Johannesburg

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Some travelers probably think of Johannesburg, South Africa, as a place to land, do business and then leave, but, if that is their attitude they are missing many worthwhile sites as the South African city broadens its travel offerings of Johannesburg things to do.


You can find a full range of safari deals that will take you outside the city to see the teeming animal life available for travelers with an interest in wildlife. Don’t forget your camera and a good zoom lens so that any photos you take will make your experience more up close and personal.

History of Nation

If you want to study the history of the nation that has bloomed since it shed the shackles of apartheid, you can visit the Apartheid Museum where you will see reminders of a past the country is trying to forget.

If you want to escape the serious side of things and want another look at the wildlife that abounds in the area, book a trip to Lion Park. Lion Park has been called a good opportunity to taste a little of African animals in Johannesburg and has been called incredible by many visitors, so there must be something to the magic of seeing wild lions within an hour of Johannesburg.

Rosebank a Pleasure

Another outing to consider is a trip to Rosebank, a mix of hotels, shops and a fun day’s outing. It has a bargain market, specially on Sunday, so who knows what type of bargains you may find during a visit.

If you are looking for a little more action besides shopping then consider a visit to Gold Reef City where you will find a casino and theater. Gold Reef City combines an amusement and theme park with a casino and a historic village, so you learn a bit of history while you have some fun at the tables.

Bunny Park

Rounding out the top five attractions is the Bunny Park where you will find that the bunnies are quite tame as are the ducks, geese and swans that roam about. It seems that you’ll have to watch out for turtles that have been known to nip now and again.


A trip to the city is incomplete without a visit to Algoa Bay and Germiston Lake. Those who love water sports can enjoy swimming, surfing and gliding there.

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Wild Waters Boksburg

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A trip to Johannesburg is not complete without a visit to the magnificent tropical beaches and crystal clear water of the ocean at Wild Waters in Boksburg. Snorkellers can view majestic animals such as Leatherback Turtles, while scuba divers will be delighted to encounter ragged tooth sharks, whale sharks and during the summer months, October to January,blue whales and also herds of dolphins. The coral reefs at Wild Waters are teeming with life. Please take note that Wild Waters is in a protected marine sanctuary and spear fishing is not allowed.

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Dreamgirls At Montecasino

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The Teatro at Montecasino plays host to the best live entertainment in Johannesburg. Currently playing in the theatre is Dreamgirls - Recently on stage at Harlem's world famous Apollo Theatre in New York City and now touring the USA, a brand new, sensational stage production of DREAMGIRLS comes to South Africa, currently on stage at the Teatro at Montecasino and opening at Artscape, Cape Town in June 2011.

Featuring an entirely South African cast to play its all African American characters, DREAMGIRLS is produced by leading South African Producer, Hazel more..

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