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When doing a little Johannesburg shopping, the traveler is offered a wide variety of malls, flea markets and jewelry stores to choose from. Whether you're looking to pick something up that was made by locals or purchase fine items in boutiques, there is a place in Johannesburg for you. Some markets offer places for children to spend their time as well.

Bruma Lake Flea Market

A definite must-do, this flea market offers what you would expect to find in a flea market: designer clothes, West African wood crafts, furniture, antiques and textiles--from over 600 vendors. Inside the market, Kid’s Land offers a great experience for the children, too. The parents can shop at their leisure or get their car polished at the car wash, while the children find more kid-approved ways of entertaining themselves and make friends in the process.

The Rosebank Mall

The mall offers a variety of shopping opportunities, especially on the weekends. The Rosebank Mall roof top has great finds in African Crafts and food. Below the roof top, the mall offers both indoor and outdoor shopping. You will find it all, including travel agencies, food, books, live entertainment,and crafts. Remember to shop at this mall on the weekends to find additional shopping on the roof top.

Craft Markets

The various craft markets carry some of Africa's best crafts. From African masks to beaded dolls, these markets meet the most discerning of tastes for authentic crafts. The African Craft market features goods from across the continent, Zimbabwe, Namibia and the Congo. Natural and organic markets can be found as well, with hundreds of stalls selling hand-made clothing made from 100% natural materials. It's easy to find entertainment and fun for the kids, as well as restaurants for the hungry shopper.

Factory Shops

If you want to venture beyond the center of the city and heads toward the poorer suburbs, the industrial areas, or out on the far northern or East Rand, you will find great bargains in the factory shops, which offer a wide array of items to purchase. Stores carry bedding, ready-to-hang curtains, baby goods, jerseys, lingerie and sleepwear. It is a shopper's paradise for finding great deals at bargain prices.

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Johannesburg's Shopping Malls can compete with Malls of ANY first world city!   The large, sophisticated Johannesburg shopping society demands safe & glamorous shopping environments that offer products of high quality.  (Johannesburg metropolitan population of 8 million people).  The Malls usually sport beautifully designed architecture, a sight pleasing to the eye even before you enter a world of wonder!  South African buildings are robust because they are built from brick more..

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