Cruises in Johannesburg

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Planning Johannesburg cruises can be almost challenging, as not many companies cruise this part of the world. Johannesburg Cruises that can be booked may lean toward the expensive side, depending on the amount of time a traveler wants to spend cruising the waters of Johannesburg.

Princess and Regent lines

They usually begin their cruises from the west or east coasts of the United States and cruise packages vary from 56 days to 14 days. For $3500 to $16000, depending on length of the cruise, these packages do include meals on the cruise.

Silver Wind Cruises

Begin in Cape Town and transport passengers around Africa in style. With sites like Addo Elephant Park by Elizabeth and the game reserve in Durban, St. Lucia, the Wetlands in KwaZulu-Natal and ending in Mozambique for a shopping adventure. For those who have a fondness for Madagascar, the traveler will not be disappointed as Madagascar is of the agenda.  For around $4,000, minus government fees, this cruise is a trip of a life time.

Sunset Champagne Cruises

There is nothing more relaxing than watching the sun set on the water. For around $200, the traveler can book a mini cruise to witness such an event. The cruise will take you on a sail boat, through the harbor and across a bay toward the Milnerton Lighthouse, returning to Granger around sunset rewarding the traveler with a spectacular view of the setting sun, or charter a cruise that will take you out to watch the whales, African Penguins Sunfish and a variety of other sea life, for the cost of $400 this cruise will take up to 3 or 4 hours of the travelers time.

Sunset and Dinner Cruises

A romantic favorite; the traveler will be rewarded with a dining experience and a stunning sunset as they relax and dine by a candlelight dinner with amazing photography opportunities. A Sunset and Dinner cruise is a must. The traveler won’t be disappointed.

Port Elizabeth Mandela Day Cruise

You will cruise through Coega Harbor and sail around Port Elizabeth on a three hour cruise that will take the traveler to the famous Penguin Island. For a delightful time, the traveler can watch the antics of these playful birds or try and catch a glimpse of dolphins and whales in the bay. For around R950 to R1050 the traveler will be rewarded with a stunning scenery and marvels that will leave them dreaming of returning for years to come.

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