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Wilderness has a bevy of comfortable and luxurious accommodation options that are customized for a wide range of budgets. The Hotels Intro guide offers visitors information about the general hotel scene and the best hotels to book, when touring the beautiful Garden Route.


Wilderness is a very popular tourist hideaway on the Garden Route trail that boasts of an eclectic line-up of accommodation options to suit an equally eclectic bunch of travelers. There are opulent wellness spas, luxury resorts, boutique hotels and personalized private villas that offer a range of avant-garde facilities and budget hostels, low-cost guest houses, bed and breakfast stays and economy lodges.


Lodge on the Lake Accommodation and Wellness Spa is a deluxe property that charmingly overlooks breathtakingly beautiful Island Lake. The 5-star property is located on the outskirts of Wilderness and is tucked away on the actual Garden Route. The lodge has an in-house infinity pool and spa offering state of the art wellness treatments along with a lounge area that is great for relaxation in a sun soaked backdrop. There are 5 super deluxe rooms that cost approximately ZAR 1450 per night, including breakfast.

Cinnamon Boutique Hotel is another expensive luxury hotel, impressively located adjacent to a bird sanctuary in the center of Wilderness. The classic boutique hotel features 10 expansive and tastefully furnished rooms with beautiful French windows and elegant teak furniture. There is a well-equipped business center and the hotel offers free Wi-Fi. Enjoy a fine dining experience at the in-house restaurant conservatory that overlooks a stunning garden. The well-stocked bar is also a very popular haunt for tourists. A room here costs approximately ZAR 1000 per night, including breakfast.

For a mesmerizing beach view, stay at the swanky Xanadu Guest Villa that is priced at around ZAR 1000 for a night, including breakfast.

Moderately Priced Accommodations

The Waterside Lodge lies in the heart of the Garden Route and peeps over a stunning lagoon to offer one of the most beautiful vistas of the naturally endowed region. There are 5 fully furnished rooms with picturesque views of the lagoon and intimate patio entrances. A private in-house pool and a lush sunbathing garden also attract guests. Rooms are priced at approximately ZAR 900 with breakfast.

Set amidst the Wilderness Heights forests, overlooking the Outeniqua Mountain, the Boardwalk Lodge is a nice self-catering bed and breakfast option that offers plenty of privacy and unadulterated relaxation in a tranquil and intimate setting. A sea-facing luxury room with breakfast costs approximately ZAR 600.

Inexpensive Accommodation Options

The Hildsheim Guest House is housed in the center of the lush Wilderness National Park and offers a picturesque and naturally-wild setting for enjoying a plethora of leisure activities. Other relatively inexpensive accommodation options include the George Lodge International, Aziza Guest House and Tendele Bed and Breakfast .

Wilderness is a region of abundant natural beauty that provides several luxury and inexpensive accommodation options.
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