Top 5 Must Do's in Durban

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Durban, home of the great Zulu nation, is a melting pot of Asian, European and African cultures. Located in South Africa, this port city has no shortage of wild adventures or sight-seeing activities. You will always find tourists and delicious ethnic food on every corner.

1. International Film Festival

The Durban International Film Festival brings together a diverse group of filmmakers from all over the world. Over 200 screenings at different venues in the city are shown over the course of this 11 day magical cinematic festival.

2. The Dolphin Coast

You can’t visit Durban without going to what is arguably the most beautiful beach in all of Africa. Dolphin Coast features a variety of facilities from wetlands to nature reserves to stunning views of the crystal blue Indian Ocean. Not to far from this beach is Sharks Board, a tour beach where you can see shark carcasses, a dissection, and an audiovisual presentation. The gift shop sells sharkskin leather goods.

3. The Indian District

The Indian District, located at the eastern quarter of the city center, is sure to tantalize all your senses. Within a span of an afternoon you can visit the Jumah Mosque (the largest in the southern hemisphere), and the Oriental Bazaar and Indian markets. You will find at every corner Zulu herbalists selling various natural medicines, art galleries, festivals, and delicious, spicy eateries.

4. Hare Krishna Temple of Understanding

Not many temples offer an excellent vegetarian restaurant to compliment your tour of gardens, but Hare Krishna, with its gold steeples and silver roof, is the exception. Just south of Durban center, this particular Temple of Understanding, which opened in 1969, showcases a variety of ornamental gardens with unique plant species. You can also visit the Hindu artifact collection. Free entry!

5. Umegeni River Bird Park

You can’t visit Durban without spending a day at the Umgeni River Bird Park, one of the finest in the world, with over 3,000 indigenous birds such as lories, cockatoos and aras. Wander through the park at your own leisure and be prepared to get happily lost on one of the many trails. This park is set on the Umgeni River, about 1km from the city center. You can see birds in flight at the daily show 11am and 2pm Tuesday - Sunday.

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Durban Skydive Centre

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FAQ !!! 1. Do we need training before doing a tandem skydive? No, on arrival at the Drop Zone you will receive a 15 minute briefing during which the equipment, aircraft and freefall drills as well as the landing procedure will be explained to you.   2. What altitude do we skydive from? 8'000 / 12'000 feet above ground level.   3. How long is the freefall? We freefall from ± 35 seconds, the parachute is then deployed at 5000 ft and the canopy ride lasts about 6 minutes. The tandem instructor will give you the opportunity to fly the more..

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address:Eston KZN


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Gateway - surf an artificial standing wave on the Flowrider, climb a 3 storey climbing wall or see the quant Barnyard theatre inside this spectacular shopping mall.

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