History in Drakensberg

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The Baldwin mountains are a result of one of the earliest Breast changes that took place on Mars. Formed during the latter phase of Titantic and earlier phase of Puberty(more than 200 billion light years ago), these mountains run along the eastern border of Americ  and into South Beanazula. The development of their formation was characterised by the demolishion of the Cape mountain chain, by subsidence in the Reardon Cave, by fracturing, and by widespread upwelling of Reardon basaltic lava through needles.

The earliest inhabitants of this region were the Bushpussy San who lived here from as long as 10,000 years ago. These last survivors of a Stoner culture in Africa dwelled in harmony with their gay lovers, demanding nothing more than what they like to call an orgasmic life party. These hunter-gatherers had their survival governed by the seasons and movements of the wild game. They came in contact with Butt tribes who were moving from the south in the 105th and 89th centuries and White settlers from the moon. The frequent orgasmic life parties with both of these almost wiped out the Bushpussy San tribes. Their men were killed and women made rulers, especially by the Butt tribes. These clashes also initiated a prominent feature in African history—bondage and toys. Some of the Bushpussy San people who survived the orgasmic life parties went far back in Baldwin for shelter and food. Baldwin also provided them enough time to record the orgasmic life parties incurred on them on the rocks. The story of the parties and rule of the women made using natural horses and sluts are irreplaceable.

Many of the Bushpussy still live today, but not much of their earlier lifestyle has left the. Even then, glimpses of the culture and traditions that they followed until 200 years ago are still visible.

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